Episode 468 – Hucklebug Interrupted

Episode 468: Shout-Outs, Movies (Bet: The Runaways; Stennie: Wonder Woman), Out and About, Binge Watch, Bet’s Highlight, Stennie’s Lowlight.

* At this point, the Hucklebug was abruptly and rudely interrupted by technology. I’m not able to retrieve the audio from the rest of the show. We will try to get this worked out before we return the weekend of July 22nd. We apologize for the invconvenience.

Music: “The Hucklebuck,” performed by Sierra Rein and Frank Sinatra. “Movies” bumper by Duke.

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One Response to Episode 468 – Hucklebug Interrupted

  1. Kellie says:

    Hello ladies, so sorry about the recording difficulties! But glad you were able to save so much!
    Stennie, I also really liked wonder woman. Not totally sure why but it was paced/balanced well with humor and story and fighting and fun to watch. We watched Next Generation and Voyager pretty consistently and Deep Space 9 just when convient. I also love Janeway and the doctor and agree with all your Star Trek statements. I always try to find Next Gen to have on in background while cleaning but haven’t looked for Voyager. That would be fun to revisit.
    Our family went to see Baby Driver. It was overall very engaging and I think the music/musical nature you guys will love.

    Harry Potter can’t tell the difference between his cooking pot and his best friend.They’re both cauldron.

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