Episode 475 – I’m Rim-shotting All Over the Place

Episode 475: Shout-Outs, Movies (Stennie: Chaos on the Bridge, For the Love of Spock; Bet: Boy), Binge Watch, Commercial, Video of the Week, Pet Story, New Favorite, Bet’s Lunch Hour, Jokes of the Week, Fuck Offs and You Rules.

Music: β€œThe Hucklebuck,” performed by Sierra Rein, Lee Rocker and Frank Sinatra. “Movies” bumper by Duke, “New Favorite” bumper by Krizzer.

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2 Responses to Episode 475 – I’m Rim-shotting All Over the Place

  1. infopass says:

    Idk how I missed this, but I Am delighted I have found it now. So great that you should discuss.

  2. Kellie says:

    Thanks for the You Rule – here are two Interesting questions:
    –Can you buy a complete chess set in a pawn shop?
    –Are part-time band directors semi-conductors?

    Bet – also love the story about “Ba-Ba” – I think that is really funny how they are using the nursery rhymes in the commercial. I forgot to mention a few shows back about you throwing away the “good pants” – I did that with a new bra once. I was quite bereft πŸ™ Holy cow loved your lunch hour experiences. We are having issues with our cell phones (over the last year Verizon just doesn’t work at our house – so that’s a problem since 90% of the time we use the phone for calls/texts it is to a person at the house – and I just dread going to the store to try to figure something out or cancel – I feel like all my experiences there are like your Comcast lunch hour! There are so many people and everything takes a really long time and no one is happy πŸ™‚

    Stennie – good luck with the play – Stage Manager sounds really fun, actually. New socks – now I actually really enjoy new socks. I spend almost all my time at home in socks and it is nice to have fluffy, thick new ones. I may just have to invest this winter season!

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