Hucklebug Classic: Episode 423, 10th Anniversary

Bet & Stennie are off this week because Bet went to Charlotte to see Hucklebug favorite David Sedaris! We’ll be back next week; until then please enjoy this Classic Hucklebug episode.

Hucklebug Classic: Episode 423: RIP Garry Shandling, Ken Howard and Johann Cruyff, Shout-outs, Movies (Bet: Pwee Wee’s Big Holiday; Stennie: The Secret of Kells), Chair Update, Generic Review Update, Aero Install, Video of the Week, Highlight, Hobby Corner, Birthday Dinner, You Rules, Favorite Hucklebug Moments.

“Willkommen,” Joel Grey, “The Hucklebuck,” performed by Lee Rocker and Frank Sinatra, “Movies” bumper by Duke.

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