Episode 482 – Couldn’t Call It Unexpected #4

Episode 482: Shout-Outs, Movies (Bet: Break Point; Stennie: Predestination), Thanksgiving Recaps, Commercials of the Week, Work Shitstorms, Hat Update, Jokes of the Week, Fuck Offs and You Rules.

Music: “The Hucklebuck,” performed by Sierra Rein, Lee Rocker, and Frank Sinatra. “Movies” bumper by Duke, “New Favorite” bumper by Krizzer, “Joke of the Week” bumper by Siskita.

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One Response to Episode 482 – Couldn’t Call It Unexpected #4

  1. Kelly w/ a Y says:

    Happy to have you ladies back! It does feel like forever!

    Glad your dad is on the mend, Stennie. I injured a rib in a bike accident years ago and life was miserable until it healed.


    1. Two rednecks walk down a dirt path. One man has a big sack over his shoulder. The other man asks what’s in the sack.

    The first man says, “I got me some chickens for dinner tonight.”

    The other man asks how many chickens are in the sack.

    “Well, I’ll tell you,” replies the first redneck, “If you can guess how many chickens I got in this here sack, I’ll give them both to you.”

    2. What’s the difference between a poorly dressed man on a bicycle and a nicely dressed man on a tricycle? A tire.

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